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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Counting My Blessings

I am thankful for my blessings
Not a day does ever go by
Where my heart reaches toward Heav'n
And my eyes can't help but cry

Each need my Saviour does provide
Never slacking nor does He sleep
His timing is truly perfect
In His palm my life He keeps

There are times my needs are many
Some met before I even ask
At times the Lord remains silent
Yet he's working on the task

My Shepherd lovingly does care
For each intimate of details
He carefully does touch them all
With His hand which never fails

I thank You Lord for loving me
For this love I do not deserve
It was free for me to receive
Now with gladness do I serve!

Thank you, Lord...

For my husband, John, and giving him a strong body and mind to lead our family.

For my son, Aaron, and giving him the gift of teaching to mold tomorrow's young minds.

For my son, Adam, and giving him a love for his country to serve as a Marine.

For my Pastor and church family and the blessing they are to me.

For my dear friends (you know who you are) who touch my heart and challenge me.

For my brother and his dear wife for opening their lives so we may join in.

For my health - for without it, I could not use the gifts You have given to me.

For meeting each need in our lives as we praise Your Name and share the blessings with those who will hear us.

I'm eternally grateful for these and too many to record here. I love you, Lord!

Kate Plourde
November 27, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Heart is Full

There is no other who can fill my heart
The way You can, dear Lord.
There is nothing else that can satisfy
Like a drink from Your precious Word.

Each page has just what I need to read
To guide and to light my way.
When my heart is heavy or overwhelmed
Your words are fresh like winter air.

There is none other like you my Lord
You know exactly what I need
On each page Your Spirit whispers truth
And the waters of doubt recede

You raise me up when I am down
My spirit you cause to soar
As I look unto the hills for You
I find Your love and so much more!

Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour is.
So deserving to be adored.
The Alpha, Omega, first and last,
And King of Kings forever more!

Kate Plourde
October 24, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Parent's Pride

A Parent’s Pride

It’s not every day parents can say their son has joined the Corps
The pride that’s found inside their hearts swells within them more and more
Your choice to serve and to protect along side the proud and few
Depicts the character and zeal in all you say and do

A few good men can proudly say they are part of such a group
Of leathernecks, those devil dogs, and jarheads to name a few
It’s not terms like these that make up the man that you and I do see
It’s the proud, the few and the brave who are United States Marines!

Kate Plourde
July 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Heart Panteth for You

My Heart Panteth for You
Kate Plourde (May 21, 2007)

My heart is full as I sit with You,
During this time of solitude.
A time ever precious and so sweet
Each day my heart's made new!

Despite the problems of the day
I'm not feeling overwhelmed.
The loving Captain of my ship
Stands watchful at the helm.

The Master of the sea loves me!
My best is His loving plan.
He guides me through the storms of life.
I find rest in His bless'ed Hand.

Dear Lord, be the Commander of my life,
For You care so diligently.
The Word has promised You'll never sleep,
While you guide me on life's sea!


My Heart Panteth for You

My Heart Panteth for You
Kate Plourde (May 21, 2007)

My heart is full as I sit with You,
During this time of solitude.
A time ever precious and so sweet
Each day my heart's made new!

Despite the problems of the day
I'm not feeling overwhelmed.
The loving Captain of my ship
Stands watchful at the helm.

The Master of the sea loves me!
My best is His loving plan.
He guides me through the storms of life.
I find rest in His bless'ed Hand.

Dear Lord, be the Commander of my life,
For You care so diligently.
The Word has promised You'll never sleep,
While you guide me on life's sea!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Your Salvation Day!

(Written for my son, Adam, who was saved last night, 04/05/07)

In awesome wonder and praise I sit
Going over that glorious day
The day you came to the Saviour
And your sins were all washed away

Your prayer was so sincere and sweet,
It reached heaven with opened ears
Angels rejoicing with hymns and songs
And Your Father so moved to tears!

A hurting son came to Him last night
Who had been wandering for so long
Your Father so patiently waited
For His son to repent and come home

In the still of the night you were broken
And your desperate cry He did hear
Salvation was given to you freely
Now He'll hold you ever so near

Your Father awaits you each morning
In a place that is special to you
With the Bible ready and waiting
So His Spirit your heart can renew

Be faithful and strong, my precious son
God's Word daily feeding your soul
Be vigilant, guarding your spirit
In your walk toward your Heavenly Home

I love you, Adam!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Praise the Lord, All Ye Saints

Praise the Lord, all ye saints
His Goodness ever sing
Glory to God in word and deed
Give honor to our King

Share his blessings every one
Shout acclamations too
Worthy is the Saviour
For what He's done for you

The God of all creation
Came down in form of man
To open Heavens pearly gates
With His own loving hands

There's none other like our God
The victory is won
We serve the God who's living
The Bless-ed Three in One!

Shout from the mountains high
What the Lamb of God has done
For all who seek will surely find
His One and Only Son

Kate Plourde
February 14, 2007

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Friday, October 20, 2006

My Darling

Written for my dear husband for his birthday!

When my eyes fell upon you
This teen girl lost all control
Not only did you win my heart
You reached my very soul

We walk on this path called life
Hand in hand, along our way
Though times are not always easy
God guides us day to day

I’ve always been so proud to be
Your lover, friend and wife
I still get those butterflies
As I wait for you each night

I love you, my dear husband
I’m truly blessed beyond compare
I married you, my soul mate
You’re my treasure, oh so rare

Our life’s journey is not over
Our retirement is near
And as God reigns supremely
We have not a thing to fear!

Kate Plourde
October 20, 2006


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Haven for My Soul

Oh how my soul longs to be with Him
Exhausted from the trials of the day
I look forward to sitting close by Him
And wait anxiously to what He will say

As He watches, He beckons, Come join Me
I'll quench your thirst, make you whole
I'll give you sweet solace beyond measure
At this peaceful haven for your soul

I've created a sanctuary for you
To shelter you in a time of storm
Preparing you for trials which are coming
As a new work in you heart I perform

So I retreat to that haven each morning
All my cares at His feet I do lay
I leave them with Him for He loves me
As I travel along life's narrow way.


Friday, October 06, 2006

The Still Waters

Psalm 23:2b "...he leadeth me beside the still waters.

When the storms of life are raging
And the trials are too much to bear
He leads me to that peaceful shore
Where He shows me that He cares

The waters there, so still and clear
Quench my thirst and calm my heart
My Shepherd waits there patiently
Assuring me He'll not depart

As I sit along the water's edge
I pour out my heart and soul
He puts His arm around my neck
And my tears begin to roll

His eyes tear up as I share each trial
It's as though He feels my pain
My Shepherd gives my neck a squeeze
Giving joy which I can't contain

A Friend, Brother, and Shepherd is He
His Word gives me strength and delight
He refreshes my poor broken spirit
And gives me songs in the night

My visits beside those still waters
Grow sweeter with each passing day
I eagerly run there each morning
To hear what my Shepherd will say

His Words bring refreshment and solace
The love in His eyes stir me so
May I always be found ever serving
Through my actions, His love will I show

Kate Plourde
October 6, 2006


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon

You are the rose of Sharon
And the Lily of the Fields
Your words are fruit unto my soul
In your shadow I do kneel

While there I'm led to the banquet house
Where Your banner o'er me is love
I seek your voice so desperately
Your words are soft as the dove

As the shadows flee and darkness comes
My Saviour awaits there for me
With arms out stretched and inviting
He has promised His comfort so sweet

Kate Plourde
August 22, 2006


Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Vessel in the Potter's Hand

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. (Jer 18:4)

I observe the vessels around me
All are different, none are the same
I look at myself, I'm disheartened
"Why so many mars?" I exclaim

What use can I be to my master?
I bring no beauty or value
For what reason would He create me
I am useless although I am new

The Potter heard my desperate plea
As I gently returned to His hands
He made me into a new vessel
And molded me into His plan

I am thankful the Potter loves me
Each mar does He quickly remove
Creating vessels unto honour
Ever seeking our lives to improve

Kate Plourde
August 17, 2006


Ode to 1 Peter 2:21-25

The God I serve is not made of stone
Nor crafted by human hands
The Saviour left His heavenly throne
And took on the form of man

His suffering was an example
His steps I diligently seek
He knew no sin, no deceit or guile
But bore my sins on the tree

His work on the cross brought death to sin
So I can live righteously
The Shepherd and Bishop of my soul
Purchased me for eternity

Kate Plourde
August 17, 2006


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh Watcher of My Soul

My Shepherd cares for my every need
In my life and along life's way
He gives me such peace with every trial
Reviving my weary heart each day

His dear rod and staff are my comfort
As I struggle through that dark valley
They guide me to that River of Life
Refreshing my soul from my journey

He guards my path from the enemy
Each moment, each heartbeat, each breath
His love for me has no boundaries
Far reaching to the cross, to His death

Oh Watcher of my soul and my King
Ever watchful, nor sleeping, so kind
I will glorify your name dear Lord
As I await your Kingdom divine

Kate Plourde
August 16, 2006


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Perfect Love

Adrift upon life's stormy billows,
True despair sets in as darkness falls.
The tempest raging, days turn to night.
Can peace be found amidst it all?

My heart is discouraged, my eyes dim.
It is exhausting to seek the cure.
But I know that His Word is my salve.
It is healing and peace, He assures.

A glimmer of hope, Oh soul rejoice!
The Shepherd's hand wipes away my tears.
Each drop replaced with His light and peace,
His perfect Love casteth out all fears!

Kate Plourde
August 15, 2006

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Looking Up to the Hills

My eyes look up as they search for help
Toward the hills where the promise lies
The Creator's not far, He works His way
Toward me from the other side

He guides my walk and protects my feet
From stumbling on the rocky steep
Great comfort lies within my heart
Knowing that He shall never sleep

Christ is my shelter, He provides me shade
During the fiery trials of life
Under the shadow of His wings
Peace and comfort throughout the night

This Keeper of my soul so vigilant
Protecting me through life's storms
And watches over me with such care
Not just today but forever more!

Kate Plourde
August 11, 2006



Just as I was, You accepted me
Ended was my search and quest
Such amazing grace which I received
Undeserved mercy at best
Sweet precious Saviour to me!

Kate Plourde
April 2006


My Saviour's Price

My heart is drawn before the tree
Where You hung to pay the price
Without a word you took my place
What remarkable love would sacrifice

My heart breaks so when I meditate
On the suffering that You went through
I can scarcely believe Your willingness
For a worm such as I yet You knew

You knew what was waiting when You came
The path You had to take was clear
Yet You came despite the suffering
To draw me to Your heart so dear

Why would You do this, I don't understand
A love so deep and compassion great
There's nothing I've done to earn this love
You came knowing the pain of your fate

It is finished, You said with your dying breath
I no longer must pay this great price
You paid it in full, oh Saviour Divine
Your Precious atoning blood would suffice

Oh Blessed Redeemer, as you sit beside
Your Holy Father on Your Heavenly Throne
I long for the day I can look in Your face
The One my heart all these years has known

Oh glorious day when the pain is all gone
And the trials of this earth are no more
I hope to face my Shepherd with no regrets
And say, My Redeemer, My Saviour, My Lord!

Thank You precious Jesus, Oh Wonderful One
My heart can scarcely contain the joy
I'm so grateful for what You've done for me
This foundation of sin You destroyed

Saviour, daily I will give You my heart
And I pray that I will focus on You
Taking the Word to those who are lost
Leading them to salvation so true

April 12 2006
Kate Plourde


Your Word, My Breath

What a great mother that I would be
To leave my child something from me
With directions to the paths of life
As well as warnings from sin and strife

I am no better than those with heart
Who strive to guide them from the start
My goal to teach of the One Above
To lead them to the Christ, His Love

Your Word has fed me from milk to meat
Sometimes 'twas bitter sometimes 'twas sweet
But each time I walked away refreshed
Your Spirit at work within my flesh

You are my light, my water, my bread
A cleansing power is Your blood so red
This Crimson Thread is revealed throughout
Each letter, each page Your Word thus shouts

My King James Bible is my life, my breath
Without its nourishment, is spiritual death
It is by choice to devote precious time
Because I am promised a life so sublime

This Book of Directions You have left for me
Reveals what a caring Father You must be
Your Word contains warning of sin and strife
To guide and comfort me in this earthly life

What compassion, love, and amazing grace
Is revealed on each page for the human race
While we were yet sinners you died for us
To save us from hell and eternal darkness

Thank You Lord for Your Word so free
Leading us to Your side for eternity
Help us hold it and keep it with all diligence
Guarding each word with utmost reverence.

April 14, 2006
Kate Plourde


A Give and Take Prayer

Give me strength Lord so I can do Your will
Give me sight as I climb those difficult hills
Give me ears so I may hear You speak
Give me love for perfect Your love I seek.

Give me knowledge when I'm short for words
Give me peace when that old enemy hits hard
Give me words when I need really need to pray
Give me love to for each glorious new day!

Take my life and place it in Your Mighty Hands
Take my heart and make it to understand
Take my mind and fill it with Your Wondrous Love
Take my soul to Your wonderful Home above!

Take my dreams and show me Your perfect way
Take my sins to that cross where the debt You paid
Take my days and consecrate them for you I live
Take my heart and all that this lady can give!

Given to me by the Lord
Kate Plourde



You knew before the foundations of earth
That you’d have to die for man kind
Yet you took upon you this vessel of flesh
To die for a worm such as I

Although the knowledge of strife and pain
You would have to endure on the way
You came to your fate regardless of self
For the sinner your life you did lay

Despite your destiny you chose to leave
Your heavenly home and your throne
You left behind your royal robes
To die on the cross all alone

Your nail scarred hands and side remain
As evidence of what you went through
Let me focus my eyes and thoughts on them
And to daily bring glory to You!

Given to me by the Lord
Kate Plourde


The Trials of Life

The trials of life are a training course
With the goal to draw us to His side
Some obstacles are easy, some are hard
Each one with its own lesson applied

What do we do with each of these trials
Do we grumble through them, complain?
Do we bad mouth the Lord with our actions
Each of these smearing His name?

Or do we trust in Him to pull us through
And give us insight from His Word
Every storm has a calm sea at the end
A beautiful rainbow from the Lord!

Given to me by the Lord
Kate Plourde


My Forwarding Address

This is a notice of my quest to move on
No longer to live in rooms void of light
Each brings me so much pain and remorse
I would wander inside as though it were night

The first room of choice is the darkest of all
The attic so small but filled with the old
And dust covered secret sins long forgotten
But kept just in case desires should unfold

My bedroom was next, neatly tidied within
Filled with sins of omission – all smartly hidden
From family and friends, so they could not see
The depravity and filth, neatly painted within

As I walked down the hall, the kitchen in view
Here was a hub filled with family discussions
At mealtime yet nothing really nourished within
Nothing took root, only increased frustrations

After the family room where I would kick back
To entertainment crammed with cursing and sin
My mind and my heart were hardened and blind
By the choices I made much to my shame and chagrin

The basement was last and I feared this one most
The corners were dark, filled with questions and doubt
It was here that You shined the Light of the Word
And established my heart, now I scream and I shout

I’ve been wondrously saved by the Blood of the Lamb
No longer to roam in this house, it’s now banned
To God be the Glory I now have a new home
In heaven for me and it’s called Beulah Land

Given to me by the Lord
May 4, 2006


Come and Eat

Come and eat, my Mother would call me
Those words still ring in my ears
Every time when I think back on my life
Her words just bring me to tears

How I did cherish every moment
As Mom and I went on our way
Going shopping together and talking
Her comforting words dearly stay

She taught me to care for my family
Inserting love with each task of the day
How to lovingly care for each detail
And be there for them on their way

Those days I’d rest my head on her lap
I can still smell her fragrance like flowers
She would rub my back with such patience
Never complaining it had been for hours

As I call out my door, Come and eat!
To children of my very own
I will never forget my dear Mother
Who’s now in her Heavenly Home.

I encourage you ladies whose mothers
Are still with you today as you meet
Cherish each moment spent together
And treasure those words, Come and eat!

Given to me by the Lord
Kate Plourde


Jesus My Redeemer, My King

Thou art my Rock and my Fortress
Thou art my hiding place
Under Thy wing of protection
Thy Word I truly embrace

Thou givest me song in the nighttime
Thou givest me light on the way
Directing my every footstep
Protecting my night and my day

A Shepherd Thou art in my life Lord
Thy rod and staff guide my way
Gently prodding, pulling and guiding
My heart at Thy Throne I do lay

What comfort Thou givest this pilgrim
What peace and joy lies within
Tis nothing I could do for myself, Lord
Only Thy Blood cleanseth me from this sin

Dear Jesus, Thou art my Deliverer
On Thee will I focus my heart
Thou hast given me life eternal
My name from Thy Book will not part

I will meet Thee my Lord, my Redeemer
When my course on earth has been run
And my eyes will be able to see Thee
Then in person I'll worship the Son!

Oh come join me all ye who love Him
Let our voices ne'er cease to sing
Cast thy burdens at Jesus' Precious Feet
Shout Hosannah to our Heavenly King!

Given to me June 16, 2006
Kate Plourde


Tis The Name of Jesus

T'was the name of Jesus that I called upon that day
T'was the Blessed Saviour Who washed my sins away
Tis Jesus my Shepherd who guides me to my Home
Where I will sing praises as He sits upon His Throne

July 10, 2006
Kate Plourde


Under Thy Wings

I find sweet comfort under Thy wings
No matter what difficulty or trial
As long as my eyes are focused on Thee
On the pages of my blessed King James Bible

A fountain of life for the thirsty soul
With refreshment along life's walk
Providing direction through valleys and hills
Giving warning when the enemy knocks

How I thank Thee, oh Shepherd of my soul
For protecting me from the enemy's snares
Under Thy wings I do safely abide
As I find peaceful rest in Thy care

Kate Plourde
July 20, 2006

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lost but Found

So lost in an untamed sea of misery and despair
With foaming waves of despondency and anguish
Searching for answers to questions never shared
Nor spoken aloud for fear of utter rejection

Until a glimmer of Light pierced the darkest clouds
Breaking through the wretchedness of my wicked heart
Revealing the need to be freed from this sinful shroud
Which covered me completely and blinded my soul

This glorious Light penetrated through my blindness
And revealed the beauty and wonder of the Master
The One who created me, fashioned into His likeness
To be a reflection of Him when His task is completed

I am astounded that He would spare even but a minute
To teach and guide a spiritually lacking one such as I
But as the Potter guides and shapes the clay to mold it
He will adorn this child with His beauty and His Spirit.

How glorious it is to dwell on the thought of His appearing
To visualize in my mind's eye how we will see His face
I shudder to think of those left behind and what they'll be missing
As we celebrate a reunion that has truly been long in coming.

Kate Plourde


ABC's From My Heart

Thou art my Advocate, always interceding for me.
My Bridegroom I will one day face-to-face see.
A Cornerstone Thou art to my Christian foundation.
My Deliverer from all trials as well as temptation.

My Everlasting Father Thou hast a Hand of great mercy
A Fountain, My thirst Thou removest far from me
Thou art my Guide, without Thee I do wander
My High Priest, for my salvation Thou didst suffer

Immanuel, God with us, alone I won’t be
My Judge, Thou wilt judge me righteously
O King, how I long to witness Thy reign
Thou became a Lamb, for my salvation to gain

My Mediator, to the Heavenly Father Thou proclaimest
Thy Name is above all Names, Thou art surely the Greatest
Only Begotten of the Father, The First and the Last
Thou art the Passover, buried my sins in the past

Quicken my heart, Thy Spirit I desire
Redeemer of my sins and from hell’s eternal fire
O Shepherd of my soul, Thou carest for me
Thou art the True Vine, I would perish without Thee

United with the Father, Thy voice do I hear
Victorious o’er death no more shall I fear
Word of Life Thou has truly opened mine eyes
To witness Thy EXample of love from on high

Thou art Yahweh, the Great and the Most High One
Thy Zeal for redemption, my soul Thou hast won!

Kate Plourde
June 17, 2002


To Protect and To Serve

I don't know why you chose this path
It was surely not for pay
There's no routine or certainty
That brings comfort with each day

You leave your home and take with you
Silent prayers of family
They know the dangers you will see
They pray on bended knee

Your eyes see more in just one day
Than we do in an entire year
You strive to make our homes a haven
Safe from harms way and fear

You vow To Protect and To Serve
People you don't even know
You treat them all with dignity
Despite the filth they show

The way you serve with care and honor
Reflects your reputation
You wear your badge with such great pride
And it serves as confirmation

You never know with each call you take
If this will be your last
But yet you continue to take each one
And let your doubts just pass

This is your eulogy while you yet live
To wait for your death is sad
How much we need you to keep on going
To survive in a world gone mad

Kate Plourde


The Stranger

I let a stranger in my life
He filled my every need
He didn't ask much of my time
So easy was He to please
He simply said His load was light
How true that was to be
I grew to love Him more each day
And now I am set free

I can't explain the way I feel
This happiness inside
I want to share it with all I know
A love I just can't hide
Why does He make me feel this way
I can't begin to know
He says to put my trust in Him
And inside me His Spirit grows

He'll show me what there is to life
If I just keep His Holy Word
He'll help me through the grief and strife
If I just make Him the Lord of all
It's not easy to give in to Him
To change those old wicked ways
But He knows this and with an outstretched Hand
He helps me not to stray

He asks so little in return
For all these needs I ask
Only to love and praise His Holy Name
And that's such an easy task
Oh how happy I am I let Him in
That stranger in my life
No more darkness will I ever see
Just His sweet and glorious Light.

Kate Plourde


That Great Reunion Day!

Just thinking about that day to come
When we all will be set free
Makes me simply want to burst with joy
And get on bended knee

How thankful we should be for this
That Jesus had to die
So we could sing and praise His Name
On that blessed day in the sky

Yes, that day is foremost in our minds
We Christians, one and all
It's our payment for our work for Him
No more will we ever fall

Thank you dear Father for this great gift
The price Christ had to pay
We all look forward to our meeting
On that Great Reunion Day!

Kate Plourde



There are different kinds of friendships
That we encounter along the way
That vary with each different person
And change from day to day

There is only one kind of friend though
That is worthwhile waiting for
The kind that always stands behind you
And provides you with so much more

Much more than mere companionship
Much more than a bending ear
But the kind that always holds you tight
Whenever you're close to tears

The kind that understands your ways
Without a question or a word
The kind that just cannot be bought
And if so, I could not afford

And this, my friend, is a story of you
That I hold dearly to my heart
I thank the Lord for your sweet friendship
And pray that we'll never part!

Kate Plourde



A state of confusion is what I was in
I walked in the darkness along with my sin
I knew something was missing in this life of mine
But what was missing I could not define

I went a long way, just rambling along
Never putting my finger on what there was wrong
Until that day came when my rambling was done
And I found my confusion was finally gone

My confusion was replaced with a beautiful peace
And a promise was given that my dark days would cease
A new life I'd been given to start all anew
And my battle with sin was thankfully through

Great wonders and promises had been given to me
By my side He promised He always would be
He would be right there whenever I called
And pick me right up if I ever should fall

He has blessed me endlessly I have to admit
And taught me to look up and never to quit
So much I have learned that my mind's in a whirl
But all this He's promised to His precious dear world

Make Him Saviour and Lord that's all we need do
And all of His promises will certainly come true
It's not as hard as we think it will be
And happiness we'll have for an eternity!

Kate Plourde



Lord, You've been so faithful in
those times I've cried to You.
You've answered so many prayers,
and made wondrous dreams come true!

You've always been there to guide me
when I wasn't sure what to do.
You gave me strength when I was weak,
and Your light came shining through.

I thank and praise You for Your gentle touch,
of reproof when I've gone astray.
You promised You'd never leave my side,
and You'd walk with me every day!

Kate Plourde


A New Life!

How great He is to bless you,
In a way beyond compare!
In a manner that's so wonderful,
And that the two of you can share!

He's blessed you with a grace unique.
No one else can claim this gift.
A baby possessing your qualities,
And your spirits He will lift!

Our Lord has loaned this child to you,
To love with all your heart.
To raise in His pure and simple way,
Right from the very start!

Rejoice and praise the One above,
For His great and wondrous deeds!
And be thankful that He's always there,
To meet all your daily needs.

Kate Plourde



There are times when I'm so lonely
I can't handle what I'm going through.
It's as if I'm in a valley
Asking what am I going to do?

I feel so lost and so alone,
And my heart can't take the pain.
I don't know why this is happening...
That reason's just not plain.

So I asked the Lord to answer me
and He spoke out loud and clear;
"The reason a valley is what it is
Is because there's a mountain near"!

"When you feel like you can't see Me,
It's not because I don't care.
Your eyes aren't fixed on the other side.
If you looked you'd see Me there"!

"I'm always there, I'm right beside you.
And I'll never let you down.
Man's words and actions vacillate,
But My foundation is always sound"!

"Rest your life in My Hands always,
And I'll bless you all the while.
Although I allow those wilderness times,
I'm always with you Child"!

"I was, I am, and will always be,
Right there when you call My Name.
Just wrap your life around My Word,
And great comfort you will gain"!

Kate Plourde


My King James Bible

Just reading Your Word is a privilege
I never dreamed would be
So much a part of my daily life
And impossible to shake free.

It's become a vital food for me
To feed my hungry soul
It quenches the thirst I have for truth
And lets mysteries unfold!

It ministers to every single need
No one does He overlook
Our questions have all been answered
In this Solitary Book!

My King James Bible, a miracle indeed
The way it all seems to flow
The same Spirit authored each single word
So we would all be able to grow!

So if you want wisdom then read God's Book
And He'll never let you down
Be persistent in your search for truth
And your foundation will be sound!

Kate Plourde


A Friend

There's Someone who wants to be close to you
A Friend who can fill every void
He's never too busy to listen or care
He'll never be angry or even annoyed!

You can call on Him whenever your life has a need
You can be sure that He'll always be there
He'll never ignore you or reject what you say
His friendship is unique and so rare.

There aren't many friends who would give up their life
It's something that just isn't done!
However, for Him He never thought twice
Of dying so we may be won!

A true friend is one who will give of himself
Despite how he's treated in turn
A friend is someone who loves without cause
And helps you with each passing turn

The Saviour fulfills all the words said above
He left a most glorious Throne
To die on a tree so that all could join Him
In a place He's prepared for our Home!

A Saviour you say, but Who could this be?
It's God Himself, sent to earth as a man
Jesus Christ stepped away from His Glorious Place
To descend and be offered to God as a Lamb

Your sins He has taken upon His own Self
So that you can gain entrance to Heaven
Repent and believe is all you need do
Christ has paid the penalty for sin!

Why would He do this you ask in your heart?
Why would anyone do this for me?
He is God incarnate who unselfishly gave
Of Himself so that you may be free!

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be changed
A new life that will bring glory to Him
Give Him praises and thanks for all He has done
He is deserving and worthy for cleansing our sin!

A new life with a sweet aroma of works
You are now a light which never should dim
Be faithful and pure in your actions and deeds
So that souls may be won just for Him!

Kate Plourde


Another Hurdle

Oh God! Please no more hurdles today!
I beg you don't send another my way.
I don't think I can take it, I'm reaching my end.
Please God, you promised You would be my friend!

What kind of a friend would allow such a thing?
My life has no purpose, there's no song left to sing.
I can't be a blessing to others this way.
My body's so broken, it feels useless and frail.

Dear Child, I know how much pain you now feel.
I've allowed it so you can bless others in need.
There are many who suffer and have no one to share.
Till they meet you and see that your friendship is rare.

Be patient for I know all that is now and will be.
Your life does bring praise, honor and glory to Me.
Each time you encourage your dear husband or friend,
You bring tears to My eyes in the simplest of ways.

The pain you experience keeps you humble and meek.
Don't forget it's My Face for which you must seek.
My Kingdom is soon coming with no hurdles to war.
In My Presence forever where pain is no more!

Kate Plourde


The Comforter

I remember that day like it was yesterday.
I realized I was doomed, pretty hopeless I'll say.
But The Comforter entered and brought me such peace.
I knew I was different, that burden released.

Those tears just kept coming, His Love could it be?
How precious and sacred that time was to me!
He washed me and saved me from sin and despair.
I was heading for hell, it seemed no one did care.

But my Heavenly Father loved a wretch such as me.
That He sent His Dear Son to shed blood on a tree.
He took upon Him all my sin and my shame.
That some day with Him I would be able to reign.

Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.
How wonderful these words which bless my soul.
Too great for me is this Act of Great Love.
Provided by my Father from Heaven Above!
Thank you Lord for saving my soul!

Kate Plourde


You're Never Alone

When you're by your self, and no one's around
When not even a single soul in your world can be found
Simply turn to God's Word, it most certainly is true
That God can be found to bring solace to you.

He has placed letters for comfort, and some teach us to pray
Letters from His Spirit which His thoughts do convey
To a flock that He loves and has promised to guide
Through the valleys and rivers, to our home up on high.

All of life's paths are laid out in a pattern
Designed by a Master Hand guiding each turn
His Love is more than that of your friend
This Saviour will be with you to the very end!

Kate Plourde


A Longing....

My heart is longing for a country I've never seen!
With rolling hills, beautiful valleys and fields of green.
Glorious sunrises and sunsets are painted on the horizon,
By the Hand of a Saviour who loves His creation!

Fix your eyes upward and long for that day.
Do not be distracted by this world on your way.
To a country where a rainbow lies behind a Great Throne
Be encouraged as you walk toward your Heavenly Home.

by Kate Plourde



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